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Found this info. Nice fish.

Ivanacara bimaculata

Genus: Ivanacara
Species: bimaculata
Group: Dwarf cichlids
Description: Eigenmann
Year: 1912
Previous scientific name: Nannacara bimaculata
Geographical area: South America
Type locality: Erukin, Guyana.
Distribution: The Potaro River and its vicinity in the Essequibo River area.
NCS Species description: David Rejdemyhr, 2015-01-03

Temp for water
24-29 ° C

Grows to 6 cm & 80 l tank

pH 4-7

Natural biotope
Occurs mainly stagnant water with a lot of plants. In the biotope you will also find many decaying plant parts such as leaves and branches.

Eats small invertebrates that it finds in the bottom sediment. Also eats plant parts and other things it finds. In aquariums, it is unpretentious and eats most of the sinking such as pellets and flake feed. Feel free to feed with live food or frozen food from time to time.

Gender difference
The female is smaller than the male. The male has clearer colors and markings on the gill caps as well as longer anal and breast fins.

Aquarium environment
Prefers a well-decorated aquarium with many plants and other hiding places in the form of roots and stones. As it is cave-playing, it is favorable to provide it with a cave of some shape.

Behavior & play
The species is a substrate grape that prefers a cave as a playground. For lack of it, it also likes to play on a smooth part of a rock or root. The eggs, which can be up to 300, hatch after 2-3 days and the fry are free-swimming after another 8-10 days. In brood care, the female is also very aggressive towards the male and it is usually possible to raise fry even in an aquarium with many species.

771 Posts
From what I read even the females are aggressive when spawning and will aggressively guard eggs that hatch in 2-3 days and fend off "most" interlopers in a community tank. Sound like an interesting species.
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