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My cichlid has a pinky coloured lump, Please help!!

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I have a 120 litre tank with a mixture of cichlids. the biggest fish in the tank has developed 3 lumps on the front of its face. i first noticed it about a month ago, and thought with regular water changes it might heal. It has now got very big and *** notied more appearing next to it.

Its like a pinky fleshy lump the size of a pea

Please advise on what it could be and how i could treat it.

not sure how to show u a pic of it. i could email it if u wouldnt mind.

many thanks
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hope this works, name of cichlid would be good to know aswell

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i have had fish for about 18 months. acts just as normal as the rest, is one of the more dominant fishes in the tank.

As far as water is concerned, temp 27, 25% water change per week, feed chichlid pellets daily.

Any remedial action would be appreciated
1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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