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For Sale  55G Tanks and very red Jewels, Crown loaches  
Hi :

I have the following for sale:
Pickup around Morristown (or Mendham) NJ.

(A) 55G tanks for sale ($25/each)
(B) 55G solid wood stands ($40/each)
have a few tank covers for free when you buy tank+stand set (first come first serve)

(c) Crown loaches over 3" very fat ($20/each)
(d) 2 group of very red Jewel ($35/group) = 1Male(over 3") X 3Female
(e) 2 Group of fire fish ($20/group) = 1Male(over 3") x 3female
(f) small red Jewels ($3/each or $12/for 6 at size over 1")
(g) small fire fish cichlid ($3/each or $12/for 6 at close to 2")

most fishes are too big to ship.

Pick-Up Only  May 10, 2021
firjang Morristown, NJ
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