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For Sale  Peacock and Haplochromis cichlids  
Pick up in my fish room in Northern Va only please. By the way, I can be reached at (703)283-9490 cell. You are welcome to text or give me a call to arrange purchase pickup.

I breed a large varieties of African Cichlids. I have many fry from my African cichlids. Fire Red dragon blood peacock, blue dolphin moorii, sunshine peacock, red top Lwanda peacock, regal blue peacocks, OB peacock, White Knight, White Lip Mdoka, Taiwan Reef Haplochromines, yellow labs, golden peacocks, red empress, blue Dragon Blood, and Frontosa etc. The fry for sale are 1-1.5” in size up to 3-4”. Starting at $5 each.

Pick-Up Only  October 7, 2020
Jianling Ashburn, VA
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