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For Sale  Large Hap and Peacock Tank Breakdown  
Breaking down my 300g mostly male Hap and peacock tank. Over 50 fish but I will list some of the larger or rarer ones I have. All fish range from 4-6 inches:
- Insiginis Prtomelas large 7in
-2 Hap Morii
-2 tawaiin reef
-1 Bucco Noto
-2 sulfur head
-1 Rostratus
-1 female venustus
-2 sunchine peacocks
-2 ruby reds
-3 Moliro firecracker tropheus
-1 red blonde tropheus
-2 blue ahli
-bunch of Large OBs
-bunch of various blue and red peacocks
-bunch of Yellow labs
-4 parrotfish
-dozen other smaller haps and peacocks
Ideally I would like to get rid of all the fish at once to a nice home. Asking only $300 for all.
Otherwise, looking to get $15 and up for larger male Haps and peacocks and $5 for smaller fish.

Located in Staten Island, NY. Please text or call 646 335 3969

Pick-Up Only  November 7, 2019
esteiner79 staten island, NY
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