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  F1 Tropheus Fry! NICE Ikola- RARE Malagarasi  
I have:

(Discounts on 20+ fry)

All are fry size 1.25+"

Tons of each. my WC Colonies are Spawning regularly. Get on the list today!

- F1 Tropheus Sp. Ikola Solid Yellow Bands!!- $12 each
- F1 Tropheus Brichardi Malagrasi (Maswa Brichardi) VERY Green with bright yellow bands! -$12 each

Local Pickup or SOUTH WEST Air Cargo Shipping Available for around $54

Can do USPS if regionally located.

Styro, Double Bags and Bands, Pure Oxygen and Heat Packs!

Contact Andrew... THANKS!

- [email protected] -
- Cell: (248) 943-8634 -

P.S. Ask for More Photos

youtube channel:

Shipping Available  August 21, 2019
Mastiffman Livonia, MI
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