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For Sale  Kenyi, Crabro, and Red Zebra Fry for Sale  
I have three species - Kenyi (Blue), Red Zebra/OB Red Zebra (Orange), and Bumblebee (Yellow) - which are all at least 1". The average I would say is around 1.5"-1.75" while the bigger ones are around 2"-2.25"; they are all the same price regardless of the size or species!

All have been in my grow out tank which was heavily planted: pH 7.6ish, NO3 <10PPM, and Temperature 76-78 degrees. Lake Michigan tap water (dechlorinated of course).

Disease-free and all are extremely healthy and HOME BRED. They are all pure and have not mixed interspecies (unless you count the Red Zebra/OB Red Zebras). They will grow to ~5"-6.5" so you WILL NEED a bigger tank when they grow up.

Anyways, thanks for looking CF community, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

Pick-Up Only  April 27, 2019
LeftHandedFishKeeper Wilmette, IL
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