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For Sale  120 Gallon Aquarium + Stand + Fish + Extras  
I am selling a black 120 gallon aquarium 60 x 18 x 26 w/stand.
This set also includes:
- Crushed coral substrate
-Lace rocks, various heights and widths
- 2 Theo 300W heaters
-2 T5 light fixtures w/bulbs
-2 Marineland Emperor 400 bio-wheel filters
-Marineland cannister C-360 filter
The following fish (I may be missing a few). The fish range in size from 2"- 6".
2 large 6-stripe Frontosas
6 Large orange Parrot Fish
1 large catfish, 2 Acei, 2 Snow White
2 Venustus, Electric Yellow, Rusty,
Zebra Mbuna, Red Dragon, 2 Albino Mbuna, Kenyi, Blue Cobalt, Red Dragon, 4 Peacocks.
I also have many extras: lace rocks, cleaning supplies, polishing/ filters pads, Python no spill clean & fill, food: pellets, flakes, seaweed. 858-335-9002, moving must sell. $650/ OBO

Pick-Up Only  February 5, 2019
charity SAN DIEGO, CA
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