zetlight cam

Zetlight, the makers of a variety of aquarium lighting products, is coming out with an aquarium Wi-Fi camera. Currently, the Zetlight Cam doesn't appear to be available for purchase, but it shouldn't be long before it is. Most of the marketing is geared toward reef aquariums, but that doesn't mean it won't work on your cichlid tanks. Another aspect of the marketing is in live streaming. While I admit that looking at my tanks is more enjoyable than many activities I have to do, I think the real strength will come from its ability to record video and pictures. This camera would be great for recording as fry first emerge from their hiding place or capturing elusive spawners in the act when you aren't there to see it yourself.

According to the promotional materials, the Zetlight Cam will stream video to your wireless device. The camera does have a waterproof rating, but I don't think it mean to be used underwater. Instead, it will probably save you in case of spills or drops into the tank. The camera is supposed to be designed to compensate for the distortion caused by glass and water and in that respect it probably exceeds standard video mini cameras. For more detains on the Zetlight Cam, visit Zetlight.com