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zebra obliquidens beating up my peacocks

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i set up a 75 gallon tank, put in 2 peacocks (sunburst and rubin red) both about 1.5-2 inches and a male hap. zebra obliquidens (~2.5 inch). Lots of rock to hide in.
its been 1 week and both the peacocks are now beaten up badly. I have separated them,
The hap is now in another tank. If i stock up the tank (with calvus, cyps, and maybe a juli) will i be able to reintroduce him? or will he still be very aggressive? I was hoping to just get those 3 malawi cichlids and then stock up with tangs, cuz they were from my previous tank.

As well, before they got beat up, i noticed the peacocks didnt like too much water movement. They were much happier when i turned off my power head. Has anyone noticed the same thing?


Will post some pics when i get the tank sorted out
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just figured out that this "Hap. Zebra obliquidens" is an Astatotilapia latifasciata i thought this may help if anyone is familiar with this species.
First of all it's not a Hap.Also I've always noticed the Victorians are pretty aggressive with peacocks.
I think most peacocks are best kept with just other peacocks from what I've read.
i have read that this victorian is generally not as agressive as the others, for this reason i thought i may be able to make it work. But so far no luck. My sunburst peacock is in really bad shape, i really hope he recovers, but i dont have much hope.
Stocking up will definitely help, spreads out aggression. I had kept Astatotilapia latifasciata in the past, but they never have been aggressive and never caused any problems.
Could you post a picture of the fish you are talking about?
I also have one in w/ my peacocks and he is not aggressive to them at all!
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