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Zebra obliquiden coloring question

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I recently purchased 7 adult and 4 juvenile zebra obliquidens. I thought the 7 adults were all males since all showed some red on their bellies. Some very distinct and some faint but noticable. I figured the fain ones were subdominant males. The other day I found one holding a mouth full of eggs. She has been holding for three days now and still shows a faint red color on her belly. Has antone else ever experienced this? I dont think they have been given hormones like some are at a young age. The 7 adults are all between 4 and 5 inches long.
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I have never seen zebra obliquidens female with any red on them.
A picture would be very helpful. It might help to insure that your female latifasciata isn't a cross. I've never seen even the slightest hint of red on any of my females.

They are definitely not sp. 44 I have not had a chance to take new pics of the female but below is a link to pics I took in regards to a stressed male. There is another pic in there of a normal colored male. The more I looked at the female, the more I think the red may have been a injury or bruise from a male. Unfortunately she spit the eggs out on day 4. I have to many males right now and I think they were harassing her while she was holding. The stressed male in the pics has become my dominant male and is constantly that dark and chasing the others. I think I need to move him out.
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