Yssichromis sp

Yssichromis sp. "blue tipped". Photo by Greg Steeves​

A strikingly colored cichlid first discovered in Lake Victoria, Yssichromis sp. "blue tipped" isn't often found in the hobby. It's dark blue, almost black body contrasts with the yellow or sometimes red tips of the fins. Like many cichlids from Lake Victoria, Y. sp. "blue tipped" is hardy and does well in the aquarium. Spawning is easy and once it begins, it can be regular. Males reach about 4 inches and females are slightly smaller.

Perhaps on the of the reasons Yssichromis sp. "blue tipped" hasn't gained much popularity in the hobby is that for every well colored male there are a multiple dull colored females and sub-dominant males. When seen as juveniles or in stressed conditions Y. sp. "blue tipped" is usually a dull silver with dark splotches. It is when a dominant male is in full display that the great colors this species is known for can be seen and admired. If this rare and wonderful fish is something you would be interested in check out the Yssichromis sp. "blue tipped" article by Greg Steeves or visit the Lake Victoria Species forum to learn more about them.