Yssichromis piceatus. Photo by Greg Steeves​

Originally thought to have been wiped out after the introduction of Nile perch, several Yssichromis species have made a comeback in Lake Victoria. Thanks to their ability to adapt, a few of the species survived and flourished by moving to habitats that provided cover or mixing in with schools of other fish. Despite the good news, some species didn't fare so well and are critically endangered or considered extinct in the wild.

A new article titled 'The Little Known Arrow-fish; Yssichromis' by Greg Steeves has been added to the library. In it you will find descriptions of the different species of Yssichromis. Only a few of the species have made it into the hobby, but with their interesting colors, behavior and mild temperament they make a great addition to many setups. Check out the new arrow-fish article in the library. To discuss these species visit the Lake Victoria forum.