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your opinions please

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my second 125g w/ slate backround. set up on acrylic w/ styro spacers. made some design errors, but curious to know ur opinions anyway. this is supposed to be a waterfall backround using a bubble wand between the 2 outer sections of the backround. :fish: it is intended as a malawi cichlid tank.

so the questions are...

A-should i remove the large piece that spans the 2 rockpiles

B-should i take all the rock piles out and choose a different type of fish that doesn't need hidey holes

C-swap the white sand for black...even if it will cost 8 or 9 times more money

D-yank the whole thing out and start over

i'm looking for aesthetic opinions folks. :thumb:
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I think what you have is nice you've spent alot of time on it and you should try it.I like the white sand.Why go to black anyways.
I think what you have is nice you've spent alot of time on it and you should try it.I like the white sand.Why go to black anyways.
I like the background, looks cool in my opinion. I'm not a fan of stacked slate for the hiding places, but that's just me. If you like it, you should keep it. I'm not sure a different type of rock would look right with the background and I couldn't have a tank without a bunch of rock in it. I would make a vote for black sand, but what you have looks good too. I just think black would really bring it all together. Overall, I dig it.
I think the piece going across looks good
White sand would look better
I would set it up as a south or central american tank and put a bunch of driftwood and live plants in there
Judging from pic. #5, your fish have nowhere to swim. Maybe just an odd angle? The background looks cool, but eats away alot of tank spaceIMO.
I think it looks great! I'd leave the large piece in place. It will make the cichlids feel safer and they'll swim around more IMO. I'd build the tank around the type of fish you want to keep. I love Oscars, but I'm quite fond of malawi cichlids too. I think the rocks look good with the background. I love black sand personally, but I'm a cheapwad. I like it overall. Good Job! The important thing is that you like it. You're the one that has to look at it and take care of it... :thumb: :thumb:
I like the rocks and background and using the white sand will set off the black rocks instead of it all blending in. I would setup some USJ to help keep the sand clean though or it will be a mess.
I think your backround looks great, im not a fan of the stacked slate though. Also if the edges of slate are sharp the fish could cut themselves on it.
Mikey13 said:
Judging from pic. #5, your fish have nowhere to swim. Maybe just an odd angle? The background looks cool, but eats away alot of tank spaceIMO.
It would kill me to have a background take up tank space :eek: But since it does, I would provide as much space as possible for your fish. Lose the stacked slate and go with something more open, varyng upon which fish you keep. :thumb:
ty for the replies guys. i've come up w/ an idea that i think i will like. it will basically be the same thing but have styro stacks in between the horizontal pieces.
[foreground rock stacks] i'll cut some caves into the styro then cover the styro w/ small vertical pieces. this will give me the more natural look i was hoping for. should take a few weeks to do, so hang in there and i'll post pics of the progress and final set up.
i will also be hunting for cheap black sand to bring it all together.
I like the stacked slate in the foreground. However, if you took out the background and broke/cut the slate into long pieces 2"-3" wide and stacked them the same way as your forefront structures against the back useing waterfall foam or epoxy to hold them together you could work in a lot more caves and crevases utilizing the background better while at the same time creating more room in your tank. It would also give you the added benifet of of being more congruent with the larger structures in the tank.

My aesthetic opinion. :wink:

Edit: Any sharp edges you may end up with can be sanded over with a course emory cloth. That will blunt it up enough so fish won't cut themselves. Thier not high on the IQ scale but neither are they stupid. (Most of them anyhow.)
ill go with E. add a different variety of rocks in it...but i like what u got its pretty cool
this weeks progress is going well so far. i bought a roto zip tool w/ a diamond blade to cut the slate. whoa what a mess. talk about dusty. i don't recommend doing this inside,lol. i actually moved my workspace outside for the day, and still made a mess!:wallbash:

so i started the other day by cutting the styro stacks up. i made sure to make plenty of caves, and the caves are big enough to house the fish when they grow, i hope.

here's the left side

the right

and the whole thing dismantled after a good rinse. hopefully i will get to paint the styro tommorrow.
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today's activities include epoxy painting styrofoam! sticky mess this is,lol.

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dude....thats goin to be sick im goin to have to try that
well come on over tom. i have some spare styro ur welcome to have, can't be to far! :fish:
I really liked your original background, you didn't ditch that, did you?

I'm waiting for pics of the caves set up in the tank!

ty mitz. no,stilll have the backround. the cave structures will sit in the foreground. i should have it finished by monday or tues.
sunday update...
rocks glued to flat cave front surfaces

i was going to leave the sharp points alone, figuring they would be fairly invisible, but after looking at it i decided to play it safe. these were tough to glue rocks to and keep in place, so i used nails and clothes pins to keep the rocks set.

i modified a 280 also, mostly due to lack of foresight. it now has clearance over the foam of the back round. i'm going to epoxy the cut piece back on in a horizontal position, to allow water flow over the acrylic.

ohhh...i also vacuumed out all the white sand, to be replaced w/ black.
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