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Well I am pretty excited . I just bought group of 5 juvie mac's in November at the OCA . I had to isolate one of the fish from the others as it had ben extremely aggressive towards on of the others. I seperated it in a breeder box for about a month( cruel but wanted to allow the fish it had been attacking time to heal , it had nipped almost the entire caudal fin off ). I finally felt it was time to see how the aggressor would behave back in wth the others. I watched for a few days, and saw only a fraction of the previous attacks. So I left them all together. Last night I had noticed what i though was afish with a dropped ovipositor. Upon watching more closely I was not able to see that fish again. I had seen that one of them was deficating , and assumed that what I had seen from a distance was not an ovipositor but actually just a fish pooping... Today I noticed that a rock had what i thought were a mass of diatoms growing . After a closer look I discovered it was not diatoms at all but a nice pile of aproximately 200 eggs. These fish are much smaller thnai had expected thme to spawn at , as my previous experiance with Thorichthys was that they were about another 1/2-3/4" before they started to spawn. I am not sure if these egs will be viable at this age, or is the eggs were even fertilized as I did not see if the male was dropped as well. Icould have a couple of females going thru the motions . Thee are however two fish , one which I can clearly see is a female , and another that is assisting in guarding the eggs and trading the duties off with the for sure female. What I fnd to be really interesting is that the agggressive fish is the female . While I do recall my last female mac being more aggressive in defense of the eggs , I did not she her so aggresive towards the male . The suspected male is the one that had nearly it's entire caudal fin nipped off .
Wish me luck on this being a successful spawn.

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