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Im thinking of adding some psuedo. 'acei' and mel.maingano to my existing juvenile mix of:
(tank size is 150g 48"x24"x30")

4 - yellow lab
3 - perlmutt
6 - pseudo kenyii
3 - hap ahli 'iceberg'
3 - sunburst peacock
2 - rusty cichlid
5 - ps deep maganga
2 - hap Venustus

2 - syno. Eupterus

From what I can tell on the Cichlid Compatibility Chart it shouldnt be a problem. Just thought Id throw this question to the pros :thumb:


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The only problem I see is the two Nimbochromis venustus. Malawi cichlids are not a pairing fish and two of any kind is never a good idea.

I would lose one (the female if you have one, she won't last) and keep only the one in a four foot tank.

You could probably increase the numbers of the smaller mbuna (L. caeruleus, L. sp. "perlmutt") a bit as well.

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To make things a bit easier on a fellow Bradfordian... and as I just found out, a former neighbour... :eek:

Let me clarify a few things for you.

First of all, these are the species you have:

4 - yellow lab - Labidochromis caeruleus - mbuna
3 - perlmutt - Labidochromis sp. "perlmutt" - mbuna
6 - pseudo kenyii - Metriaclima lombardoi - mbuna
3 - hap ahli 'iceberg' - Sciaenochromis fryeri - Haplochromine
3 - sunburst peacock - Need to see a picture, but likely a hybrid sold as sunburst, strawberry et al.
2 - rusty cichlid - Iodotropheus sprengerae - mbuna
5 - ps deep maganga - Metriaclima sp. "Msobo", the variant is Magunga. - mbuna
2 - hap Venustus - Nimbochromis venustus - Haplochromine

These names should make research a bit easier for you. Have a look through our PROFILESsection.

Before you add any Pseudotropheus sp. "acei" or Melanochromis cyaneorhabdos (Maingano) you may want to re-consider the Metriaclima lombardoi. These fish are extremely aggressive and may not fit in well with most of the other fish. I would keep an eye on them for a bit and see how it goes.

Remember you're dealing with only a four foot tank. A 150 is large, but it's overall footprint that's most important to these type of fish, rather than volume and the M. lombardoi could end up owning the bottom of that tank.
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