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Yellow labs with acei??

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Hey guys just a quick question before i make a mistake and purchase some aceis?29gallon tank with 2 yellow labs at the moment ,thinking of adding another 2 and buyin a couple or more aceis?Good idea or am i pushing it??Oh yeah my yellows are juvies n hoping to get juvie aceis,1 more thing how big do aceis grow?Thanks for the help...
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Acei get too big for a 29! Rather than spending $40 on new fish to cram in that lil tank I would save that money and put it toward at least a 55. :wink:

I would say if you REALLY want to keep the 29 I would add 1 more yellow lab (and pray its a female) and it will be to capacity - although in my opinion it already is.
I have yellow labs and aceis and they get along well together. Aceis can get to 6 inches. I have mine in a 90 and I wish I had a longer tank than 4 feet. A 29 is too small for aceis.
I have 3 acei in my 55g. tank. They are still small (thank goodness). I'm working on getting a 5ft. tank because I like them so much. I'd like a tank even longer than 5ft. but don't have room for anything longer :( . Unless..... oh dear, a brain storm :idea: lol I'd better not even go there yet. It involves getting rid of my daughters bed and she hasn't even graduated high school yet :oops: but she does graduate the 22nd of this month :lol: :wink:
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