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Little confused about this...
I have a yellow lab who I assumed was holding, jaw was bulging, could see the eggs in her mouth when she was looking right at you, and she didn't eat for a few weeks and I also watched her and a male doing the dance awhile back. Yesterday morning she didn't eat as well but yesterday afternoon she was up at the top eating all she could.
Her jaw is now looking like the rest of the mbunas and can't see any eggs in her mouth now but there are no fry around her or hiding anywhere I can see, but she still is hanging out in the rocks during the day. Now is it possible she got so hungry she ended up eating them? Or is it also possible that the other fish ate them up that quick?....she would be a first time mother since I've only had these fish for a month and a half. Any information or experiences anyone has would be appreciated. If you need more info I will gladly try and provide it for you.

Thanks in advance
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