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I adopted 6 cichlids a few weeks ago with a 75 gallon tank (4ft long). It appears I have a few OB peacocks, a frontosa, an electric blue acara, and an electric yellow or lab or Msobo? I took on the tank and wasn’t told what cichlids came with it, so I had no idea. The man who had them simply didn’t want them anymore. My questions are:

1. It appears that there are a mix of males and females. Could the dark black and very light orange peacock be a female? There’s also a much smaller and lighter one (very young) that doesn’t have any orange yet. Is it safe to say that if they aren’t very bright and smaller that they’re likely female?

2. There are six in the tank and the larger OB peacock is the boss. He likes to herd them down to the end of the tank and hold them there. I thought maybe adding a few more fish might take some aggression off the others (maybe 5 to 7). The electric blue acara and the yellow seems to be the most bullied fish in the tank. Which cichlids would you recommend might work with what I have? Also, must they be the same size in order to add them? I realize the frontosa will eventually need a larger tank.

Any info will help. Thanks so much!

75 gallon tank—cycled
Fx6 filter
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