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yay..saulosi holding

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Must have happened sometime early this morning, but I now have my first saulosi holding eggs.

Shall I remove her...or maybe put her in my little breeding container? If I's gonna be hard catching her, but I do want to keep the fry even though there probably won't be very many seeing as how she is only about 2"
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Hey I got my saulosis 3 days ago.. I have 1 male with 3 suspected females
I was wondering how old do they have ti be to start holding?

*** heard stories that on their first time breeding females can sometimes abandon their batch of eggs is this true?

also how can i tell if the female is holding?

i also for got to say,
All my male does is chase the 3 females around the tank
*** seen him do that lil dance but they pretty much ignore him
so he gets pissed lol

If the "females" are accually non-coloured males could this be the reason y? :-?

the male is about 7 cm long and the females between 4.5-6cm long

the tank is a nice size (forgot measurements) about.. 80x40x35cm high

other fish in tank inclue

2x clown loach (fairly large) no contact is eva made
2x sailfin mollies (occasional chase but they are ok) mollie is pregnant

is this all normal?

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ok i know what they look like when their holding but 2 days ago i noticed when im feeding them my females get large and look as is they are holding 10000 eggs, Then after eating their mouth just goes back to normal.. any ideas why?
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