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I'm sorry, I've totally forgotten what kind of Cichlid I have....can't seem to get the search to work right.
Any how my wife and I after our usual bi-weekly 1/4th-1/2 water change / sand vacuming accidentally doubble fed our little guy last night.
And well today he just isn't all that happy. A bit of clear stringy poo, a bit agitated and slight fluffing of his slime coat from his right cheak. No bulge on his stomach and not hiding when people walk by but no interest in food.....gave him one pellet this morning and showed no interest.
Ok the slime coat fluffing...not that unusual for him after having his water changed this time of year when he's a bit randy. He sometimes get's a bit emotional and usually ends up boucing off of something and huts himself. A bit of salt (3 table spoons in 37 gal tank), stress coat stuff and he's usually ok.
The last time he had a bit of a tummy issue....we just let the guy fast for about three days and he as ok after passing all the stuff out of his system.
But still...are these guys that sesative to over feeding? Or was it just a combination of changing his water and a bit of over eating on his part.
As for the key stats,
Zero Nitrates N02 and NO3....water change
Ph ~ 7.2 / 7.5
Very hard water
and about 82F
So the tank should be ok, but we did add a new plant to his tank for him nibble on.
But just a bit to much food and the little guy gets sick?
Is that nomal for these guys that sensative?

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Sorry to hear your fish isn't doing well.

Yes they are very sensitive to overeating simply because they are so incredibly good at overeating.
Sometimes the fish will get over the problem simply with fasting and Epsom salt however the stress can lead to other ailments. The excess waste and uneaten food in the water will foul the water leading to more problems for the fish..

First of all: check out the article linked below on declorinators. If your tap water has chloramines added to it then I don't believe the Stress Coat will handle them properly. Once you determine if you've got the right declorinator try doing another partial water change and gravel siphoning.
Also: in an established tank you will always have some kind of nitrate reading unless the tank is heavily planted so a double check of all your water parameters may be in order.
Stop feeding him and add Epsom salt to the water at the rate of 1 tablespoon per five gallons. Dissolve it first and add it slowly. This will work as a mild laxative.

If the fish doesn't seem better with the fasting and Epsom salt in the next 24-48 hours then you should probably remove him and treat with Jungle Parasite Clear as he could have bloat.


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Well he is doing much better....though the little guy can really hold a grudge!
I was just cleaning his tank but no....he's still pissed.
Let's was sunday night when we over feed him, monday morning a bit of slime fluff and that one incident of stringy clear / white poo.
I added the slime coat and about two tablespoons of good old kosher salt for the wound and didn't feed him till last night. Gave him one pellet and though he hid in his house when I opened the lid (yeah still pissed at me) when I walked away I saw him going up for a nibble.
This morning it got two more pellets which he ate quickly but ducked and covered when I walked over.
I'm telling you some one needs to come up with some sort of cichlid pepto bismal!
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