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Wow already..

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I just got my zebra chilumba last Sat and I come home yesterday from work and bam! I have 1 of the females holding! I love these fish they have beautiful colors. I hope she doesnt spit, I dont know if they have spawned before but they are around 3 inches maybe 4 for the male but I really want to raise the fry! :D
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I like your tank, I see you have a Red cheek. I also got some Tropheops with the zebras, I got the chilumba type. They are dope females are saluosi yellow and they are scrappy.
Rrasco, How is the temp of your Red cheek? I plan to pick some up when I set up my next tank. I really like these
Temperament? He's not aggressive at all, I can tell he fights a little with somebody b/c he gets bites in him every once in a while, but I've never seen him attack anything.
Congrats! Let's see a picture of your male. :thumb:
Kanorin, thanks. I will take some pics when I get home. I really need a good camera all I have is my phone cam. I hope she holds, I will watch her if she doesnt get ruffed up I will strip her when its time or if I see shes getting banged up I will put her in my little 10g and let her do her thing. All in time..
Shipping fish is expensive, but if you buy enough, it's definitely worth it. I guess it all depends on how bad you want variety.
How much would it be to ship to ny or ct? I have a nice mix of cichlids in my 55 now....

But some of the ones I saw are just gorgeous... I am thinking more in the future then right now...
I paid $10 per fish including shipping when I made my purchases online.

Considering yellow labs go for $9+tax here at the chain stores I figured buying online was the same price.
Yeah shipping can be around 30ish to 80ish. I had my first order fed ex to me which came straight to my house. This time around I tried freight which I pick up at south west which is outside of the airport. Really simple and it saved me around 20 bucks or so. Since I work m-f I cant be there to receive my fish,so I just order them on thur and have them shipped Fri and its the same day delivery. They arrived around 945pm, I just picked them up the next day in the morning. All where fine. I look at it like this, if you really want that fish then it shouldnt matter right? lol :thumb:
Outcastgsx said:
if you really want that fish then it shouldnt matter right? lol :thumb:
RIGHT!! :thumb:

Vendor names edited. :thumb:
Well here is a quick vid on the zebra,since it was just too hard to take a
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