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would plants be good in a tanganyikan comunity tank?

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would plants be good in a tanganyikan comunity tank?

it has fifteen tropheus duboisi in it and that is what iam worried about if they will eat it.
if i can put any plants in there what kind would you recommend?
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Your lucky my Tropheus rip all plants apart for fun.
I am not joking. Nothing survives for me for more than a few months. Tried all the above (and lots of others) some survive for days some for weeks but never for more than 6 months. Java furn lasts until it gets algae on it and they leave it as a kind of skeleton feeding on the algae scraping it of all soft parts. I think it must be very tough and foul tasting to survive that long.

The other prob is if your filtration is up to keeping Tropheus its too much water movement for most plants.

The next prob is ripped apart leaves clogging your filters and rotting roots from stripped plants. (not good)
PS I am not trying to put you off trying. Just I find you save a lot of money not putting live plants in Tropheus tanks. :)

Try plastic?
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