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would like some help with restocking idea

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Hello everyone.

first off i just wanna thank everyone for taking the time to read this and offer up any advice in advance, it will b much appreciated..

well the title says it all. right now my tank is stocked as follows

five zebra 2males 3 females. one is a very large ob male the rest between 3 and 4 inches
one female kenyi bout full size. thought it was a zebra....
three labs, two females 2 to 3 inches one unknown 3inches
One labhyrbrid male
one 2 inch male hongis
two ob peacocks 3inch maybe
one 4-5 inch male bumble be
one unknown yellow 2inch
one full grown duboisi
one 4 inch front
one male Auratus maybe 3-4 inches(thought it was female)
one male Red Top Ndumbi 1.5 to 2 inch
one female Venustus probably 6 inches
and a full grown male yellow finned aci
three synodontis
and a chocolate coloured pleco of some sort

So i went back and looked at the pics i had from when i set it up and the tank has been set up for almost a year now. and all said fish have been together for six to seven months but i think its about time for a change for the better.

the tank is a 6foot 125 and i think i would like to cut back four or maybe five groups of fish.

these are the fish i want to keep.
Pseudotropheus Crabro - bumble bee
Metriaclima Estherae - ob zebra

i would like to keep both males if i can

and i was thinking maybe keeping the males of these also but not decided if they would be a good fit or what the chances are of cross breeding.

Labidochromis sp. "Hongi" - redtop hongi
Pseudotropheus sp. "Perspicax Orange Cap" - Red Top Ndumbi

and another fish i am interested in keeping

Pseudotropheus sp. Demasoni

besides the bee and the ob im pretty much up for changing the stocking list. i am up for any suggestions on what might make for a colorfull tank that is not to much hassle besides maybe removing subdom males if i buy juvies and that could possibly result in successful breeding. i think i would like to watch the fish act more like they are supposed to act.

again thanks for any advice or comments. and sorry if any names or wrong and my spelling
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Pseudotropheus crabro (bumblebee) is a large aggressive fish, so 1m:7f is a good idea and that takes up 2 species slots.

If you want to keep two males of Metriaclima estherae then double the females so 2m:8f and that takes up two species slots.

I'd do 20 demasoni and call it stocked if they are your next most favorite fish.
If I just keep one group of ob zebras would I b able to put two more type of fish to make it four species?
If I go with groups of crabro, ob zebra and demasoni, what would be a good choice for the fourth that would look well and be able to live with those groups.

Also I have read a lot about the crabro being very agressive but never of the stories like those of the auratus. If anyone has any horror stories about them and doesn't mind sharing, I think that may be good for me so I have an idea of what I may be getting into with them.
I have the large male now and he is not very agressive for the most part. Is he likley to change if I introduce females of his kind.

Oh and I guess one more question after I get rid of my current stock that I no longer want, what would be the best way to introduce new fish?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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