world of wildlife

World of Wildlife Great Oceans Hall exhibit.​

This weekend is the opening of the new World of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium in Springfield, Mo. Along with wildlife galleries, WoW boasts of having 1.5 million gallons of freshwater and saltwater exhibits. Their largest exhibit, pictured above, is a circular 300,000 gallon "open ocean" habitat. Freshwater swamp and rain forest river exhibits are also on display along a mile-long journey through the aquarium.

Local aquariums offer communities a great way to expose young people to the wonders of aquatic wildlife and a great way to get future hobbyist involved not only in keeping fish, but also in conservation efforts. World of Wildlife Museum and Aquarium also offers a conservation attraction and education center. For more information on Wow, visit their website at If you are in the Springfield, Mo. area take a day and visit.