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so i recently have fallen in love with catfish and have been wanting to incorporate them into my mbuna tank. i went out and bought 3 upside down cats because i love how they look/swim, however i hate how they hide all day! i should have researched them i know, but im impulsive. i went to my LFS today and saw some awesome looking petricola's that are maybe 1.5 inches long, which i have read are similar to multipunctatus and are much more lively during the day. my questions are these....

are petricola more lively?
can i buy some of the petricola now and put them in my tank?
if so how many?
will all my fish be ok in my 55 for a while? i just re-arranged the tank and i plan to re-home the upside down cats eventually, just not right now(catching fish in my tank usually requires removal of all/most decor, which im not in the mood for doing again so soon). my stocking list is in my signature, my red tail shark is only 2 inches long right now just to clarify, and the upside down cats are maybe 2.5 inches each.
any opinions/suggestions also appreciated. thanks
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