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Will lepto's eat fry?

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Hi folks,

Will lepto's hunt fry?

I'm thinking of getting a small school of around 10 when I upgrade my Brevis pair to a 44G but am worried that the lepto's will eat the fry.

Damo :fish:
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As far as Cyps go, non Jumbos are less agressive than Jumbo I'm not saying non jumbo woun't eat their fry, They will if their hungry, I'd be more concerned about the Brevis fry than the Cyp fry because of the size.

Now for Jumbo Cyps I would be concerned. Jumbos can be very aggersive and I have seen them eat their fry before I could get them out of the tank. Thats why I strip all my cyps around 18 days now. I have a group of Kitumbas where a 4'' male runs the tank. He bullies my Ventrailis for their lunch money like theres no tomarrow.
Like I said I would be concerned about the Brevis fry. I have seen Cyps hunt for their food (live pray) Brevis fry are small wich would be fairlly easy picking for the Cyps. I'm not saying it will happen but there is a chance.

And as far as your tank size I was not suggesting Jumbos or non Jumbos. I myself would not put any Cyps in anything less than a 48'' tank.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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