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I want to know if any of these species will work together!
If possible pick one from each of the groups to fit together as good tank mates!(the best they can)
GROUP 1 : Cynotilapia
* Axelrodi Nkhata Bay
* sp. Chinyankwazi
* sp. "Lion" Sanga

GROUP 2 : Labidochromis Caeruleus
( there's only one in this group so think of this one as a for sure when selecting for the other 2)
* Tumbi Reef "White Lab"

GROUP 3 : Pseudotropheus
* sp. "Elongatus Ornatus Tanzania" Chuwa
* sp. "Minutus Tanzania" Manda

I'm asking if any of these will work together because I just finished cycling my 75 gallon tank. All of these species are F1 that I found that I could purchase! I would really like a tank that had 3 F1 species.
For my 4th species I'm going with the Maingano. But if anyone can pair these fish up to work and thinks something else would go better with them than Mainganos, I'm very open for suggestions.
Also there isn't very much on the profile section on some of these fish. So that's why I'm asking the PRO'S. I would also like ones where the females aren't total drabs.

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I think you have some drab females on your list and I'd worry about mixing the barred fish. If you can make it work, you would want a nearly black elongatus and a nearly white cynotilapia.
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