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I guy here in town just called me to come over and look at his new fish as "it didn't seem very exciteing." He wasn't sure what kind it was and he had just bought it for his son. I went over to see what was up and when I walked into the living room I knew right then what the problem was. He had an 10" Texas in a 10 gallon tank. He was told that these fish don't move around alot and would be fine in a tank this size. I called the LFS to see why they were telling people a fish that can grow to around 12" could live in a 10 gallon tank. I was told that the sales person was "very knowledgable in fish keeping." WHAT? How do you figure? Thats crazy I said " what if you just kept you in a broom closet?" Then he said I was over reacting it was just a fish. It is a living thing if your not gonna kill it and eat why recomend someone watch it suffer and not even know. Luckily my other fish buddy has a new plywood tank that is ready so I'm taking the texas for a drive monday and giving his son a school of Tetras. I just wanted to rant about this because it made me pretty angry. It's not that hard to sit down at the computer in the evening for a little while and educate yourself on what your selling even if you don't plan on selling fish forever might as well know a few things about them eh?
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i think the sales person was just trying to get rid of a 10" inch texas cichlid that nobody wanted. that's a shame.
ebjdftw said:
i think the sales person was just trying to get rid of a 10" inch texas cichlid that nobody wanted. that's a shame.
That's what I figured but from what I understand it had just come in on trade about 15 min before. Still they maybe just didn't want to house it but the shop I go to quarantines all trades for a few weeks to make sure they are healthy enough to be put into a customers tank. It would be awful to sell a fish that had a disease and whiped out someones entire tank. I would feel awful any way.
cichlid_kid96 said:
What's the number to that LFS. Lol
The good one or the bad one? Ha I wrote them a reveiw on google. Then I looked at the reveiws about the one I use. Some guy whining cuz the store was to dark? It makes the tanks look brighter sheesh.
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