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why would fish not come to the surface to feed?

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I have a 135G that is built into the wall so I can only access from the back of the tank. I have a few aggressive feeders that will come to the surface of the tank and their movement causes food to sink and then there is a feeding frenzy. All the fish will go after sinking pellets but pay no attention to floating pellets. Any thoughts?
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It depends on what kind of fish they are. For instance Oscars are mainly "top feeders", if it sinks to the bottom my Oscars don't see it until I point to it at the bottom. My Severums hang at the middle and grab it as it falls, Platys stay at the top and don't check the bottom til the top food is gone, etc. So I guess it'd depend on what kind of fish they are and what level those fish normally eat at.
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