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Why are all my fish are hiding?

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Last week I seperated 3 female fish into my 56 from my 75, and now they all hide whenever someone enters the room. Although I can see them come out if I get far enough away from the tank and wait, they do come out for a second when I feed them, but they eat very little, and hide again.

I've checked the parameters for the water, they are all perfect, 0/0/<10 with about 8.1-8.2 ph.

Last week I vented them all for the first time and placed them in their respective tanks and one of the females was holding (demasoni, I think she swallowed the eggs, because she eats alittle now, and her mouth doesn't look as full as before)

Do you think that the venting my have traumatized them so much they are always scared now?

I've got (all female):

1 Jewel
1 juv P. Saulsoi
1 demasoni
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I think that probably has alot to do with it. That and being in a different tank than before. Try feeding them very small amounts several times a day to get them more use to movement around the tank and the movement associated with something good. I had that problem when one of our grandsons traumatized our tank. They are still a little skittish at times but coming around.
Not enough fish, but it's really hard to stock a 36" tank unless you go single species. This is the 36" tank, right?

So no thoughts on the Jewel, but you need at least 12 Demasoni OR maybe more Saulosi instead. Is the tank 18" from front to back?
Yeah, you are right about the dimensions. I hope it is just temporary, everyone was doing really well together in the larger 75, but that is being converted to a peacock tank, so some fish are getting moved, and others are getting the boot.
I think your fish hate you right now :) . Anytime I mess around with the tank or get the net out there are always some fish that don't want to forgive me. In time they should quit hiding for you and let you enjoy them.
not enough fish..they are not as brave lol...when you have like a fish or two..compared to a group of them....
hey there, i had the same problem when i moved my fish from tank to tank. they just need time to get used to the new surrounding and all that.. my fish usually took about a week maybe longer,who knows how long yours will take. as they females they shouldnt die of hunger if they dont feel safe to eat. after all the females do hold the babies for 3 weeks and not eat for as long :fish:

just give them time,try feeding them just a lil once a day maybe they will pick something up while you cant see and not there..
anyway good luck! :thumb:
I had this problem once also. I moved my tank to a area with less foot traffic first. Then I
tried to not to feed them as much. i also Gave them alot of places to hide and several tank mates. They are perfect now. Just be consistent and they will adapt.
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