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before i post tank water iscycled and numbers are right on i have 16 mbunas and are seemingly healthy except i noticed today 1 of 4 of my white tails is acting strange im not sure if its holding i got them as babes 2 months ago. wouldn't that be to young to have eggs? it chases the flakes and then not eat also seen some flashing it would be difficult to get it out of my tank since there many stones to run away also its staying by 2 caves by the bottom far away from feeding hole i thought maybe from adding too much salt so i did a water change not adding salt it does seem a little bloated but nothing crazy plus this is first day without appetite need some help if its possible bloat do i treat my whole tank? i looked again he is bloated comparing it to other 3 i do have a hospital but its not fully cycled should i use that and treat for bloat i feed spirulina and zooplankton mix i got from LFD
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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