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Cichlid has white stringy stuff hanging from bottom lip, It is hard to capture on photo. I removed the fish last night and wiped off lip and the stringy debris is back this am. i have noted this for at least 3 days now

This fish was added to the tank 7 days ago, was not quarantined. day 2 in the tank i observed ICH on him. Tank is set at 87 F and salt 2 tbsp per 5 gallon. ICH is resolved.

The White growth own the bottom lip has me concerned, could it be Columaris?

I ordered seachem Kaneplex and focus and am thinking of treating the food. I would have to treat the entire show tank if i go this route.

Tank is 75 gal with various Males HAPs and Peacocks (15) no major aggression.
PH 7.6
Ammonia 0
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 10
temp 87
about 28 tablespoons of salt

The fish in question is acting and eating normal.

Any thoughts?


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