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Hi Guys,

I recently noticed a white spot on the head of my alpha male burundi frontosa. I have tried to treat with API Melafix for few days but, didn't worked. Fish looks healthy, appetite is also good. The spot has been there for about 10 days now. It hasn't increased or decreased in size. spot is protruding out a bit and it has been that way since i first noticed. What it could be? It doesn't looks like to be hole in head to me. My thoughts are could it be fat protruding out due to injury on the head or a parasite?

Tank Parameters:
Ammonia: 0 PPM
Nitrites: 0 PPM
Nitrates: 30 PPM
PH: 8.2
Temp: 27 C
Tank Capacity: 90 G
Tank Mates: 4 Frontosas(4-5 Inch), 1 Gold Head Comp, 4 Severum, 2 Tropheus Ikola
Filtration: Eheim 2217


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Looks kind of like a wound; are there scales missing?
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