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White fungus after water change?????

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What would cause a white fungus and cloudy water after a water change. Using the same water conditioner i always do. 24 hours after nice clean water it clouds up and white blotches appear on my driftwood. All Mbuna with 1 loach, pleco, and an american eel. The eel is the only thing new since my last 2 cloudy water changes, could it be him??? Last time it cleared up 24 hours after I treated with the Melafix. 72 gal bowfront.
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Are you also doing any kind of maintenance on the filter(s) when you do the water changes? Are the filters turned off for any length of time? How do the fish seem after the water change? Are they breathing harder than normal or hanging at the top or bottom of the tank? How much water are you removing? Are you adding anything to the water besides the declorinator and what kind of declorinator are you using.
And lastly, (sorry for all the quesitons), what are your water parameters?

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