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white comet-like spots appeared on glass

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I get home from work today and stop to look at my tank that I just added a flowerhorn to on Sat, and I notice these white spots all over the glass. They arent just spots though, they have a tail to them sort of like if they were little balls of flour that were thrown against a wall and left a bit of a trail. I did a search on here and someone posted the exact same thing 2 years ago but not one reply.

Any idea what these can be? :-?
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Can you post a picture? Meanwhile, check out planeria and nematode pictures to see if that's what you are looking at.
Ill have to take a pic when I get home. Def neither of the 2 u suggested though. It looks like someone threw flour at the glass on an angle. More blotchy spotting with trails than defined shapes
So I get home and before I get my camera out, I look at the tank and its spotless. Strange.

I forgot to mention that yesterday when I had these spots on the glass, the water was almost slightly cloudy as well. Not cloudy enought that most people would even notice, but enough that the water had a blueish tinge from the lights (clearly something in the water that was picking up the light).

Today no spots and water is crystal clear. Also forgot to mention I checked the water yesterday and it was fine (0 amonia, 0 nitrites and about 10-20 nitrates).

the problem appears to be gone now but I'd still like to try to fig this out. I wish the spots were still there so you all could see what I was talking about.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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