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Which painted background do you like best

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Hi, did some test panels before i paint my background. Now i cant choose LOL. Help me select one. The substrate will be jet black fine sand.

Here is metallic turquoise with black background on the right that i really like with flash:

Same background no flash just tanklights:

Here is solid black background:

Here is puple black solid :
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Ya,all black is my favorite too ,my new 150 gal acrylic tank has that bright blue back piece of acrylic so there's no changing that. kinda bummed.
I am gonna do my two big tanks black with black sand and when i replace my 30 and ten i might try one of the colored backgrounds for that and keep a highly colored peacock in it or something. Thats the plan anyway. The guy i ordered my black sand from emailed me this morning and said he accidently sent me 50 pounds of someone elses black sand order. He told me to keep that sand for my trouble. LOL. Right after i read that it arrived, nice super clean light black sand, with a bigger grit size than mine. Dont know what im gonna do with it yet since i will only have two tanks that will have my own sand i ordered in it . Hmmm.....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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