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Which Mbuna in a 55g? Feedback request.

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Which mix of species should I stock a 55g with?
Grouping A211.76%
Grouping B423.53%
Grouping C741.18%
Grouping D (other)423.53%
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I am planning on buying and setting up a 55 gallon (hopefully 4 foot long, maybe I'll even go for a 75g) in about two months time; unfortunately I have to wait until I move. I've become quite excited about setting up this tank because I used to keep some Cichlids about 10 years ago, but with school and moving around I had to get rid of them. Now it is time for my triumphant return to the hobby!

I am asking for feedback or votes about what mix of fish I should try to stock my tank with. I have been browsing these forums for about 3 weeks and have been reading what mixes of species others have, so I have some ideas.
These are the goals of my tank:
1) Happy fish! (would rather stay away from the super aggressive species)
2) Aesthetically pleasing (3-4 species with some different colors)
3) Breeding (with chance of crossbreeding/hybridization minimized).

Grouping A
4-5 Pseudotropheus saulosi (M=blue, F=orange)
4-5 Melanochromis cyaneorhabdos (M&F = black/blue)
4-5 Iodotropheus sprengerae (M&F = purplish/rusty)

Grouping B
6 Pseudotropheus Acei (M&F = purple/blue with yellow fins)
4-5 Labidochromis Caeruleus (M&F = yellow)
4-5 Melanochromis cyaneorhabdos (M&F = black/blue)

Grouping C
4-5 Metriaclima estherae - Red (M&F red/orange)
4-5 Cynotilapia sp. white top haras (Gal. reef) (M&F Blue/white)
Either 4-5 I. sprengerae or 4-5 M. cyaneorhabdos

Grouping D
Other - You tell me!
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I say group C but instead of the estherae make it yellow labs. I think those three would look awesome.
I chose group C as well.

I would increase my species group sizes to 6 each (with good filtration and tank maintenance), and go with the cyaneorhabdos over the Rusties.

I like the Cyno's and the Rusties and in those numbers but trade the Red Zebra for either Met. Membe or Met. Msobo.
Voted for D:

Ps. Demasoni, YL and M Cyaneorhabdos.
Kim and I agree (again :thumb: ) Group C with Cyaneorhabdos. Although I would probably do Demasoni instead.
I would go with C as well, but replace the zebras with labs, and replace the cynos with demasonis. Wait. I guess I vote for D. Can I change my vote?
I voted for D. ;-)

Cyno sp. white top hara and Ps. Saulosi.

I have this mixture and it works quite well!
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