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Where have all the Inkfins gone?

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I've been looking for some F0 Inkfin Calvus for what seems like a year now and just don't see any out there. Is there difficulty importing them because of political unrest in Africa or something?
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Where from? Did they have more?
A local importer. Yes they have more, but I checked and they don't ship to the US... sorry. I'll PM you their name anyways.
did you try to look for some in the site's sponsors section? Give them a call as well. Sometimes the fish might be there but not in the most updated stock list...
....... "Daves' Rare Aquarium Fish" in San Antonio has them often. I have been to the shop often. Nicest, knowledgeable guy your gonna meet in this buisness. Shop is no frills wall to wall tanks of cichlids and holey rock. I am certain you wouldn't be disappointed. :fish:
Do you absolutely have to have F0's? They can be bred pretty easily so no reason not to get some captive bred specimens. It's also more environmentally friendly to buy captive bred, if that matters to you at all. Another thing that might make a difference is captive bred will be considerably less expensive than wild caught.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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