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Good afternoon,

I am looking for advice on introducing the juvenile fish back to the main tank.

My 75 gallon tank has three female Aulonocara baenschi that are 3-4" long and 1 male Aulonocara baenschi that is 4-5" long.
I also have 3 Labidochromis caeruleus that are 3-4" long. And one juvenile Aulonocara baenschi of approx. 1 inch long I found the other day when doing a water change that I never noticed before :eek:

I had fry from two different Aulonocara baenschi females about 3 months ago. They are now ~ 1- 1.5 inches long.

When should I start adding the juveniles back into the 75 gallon tank with the adults?

Are there any tips how to do that most effectively?


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I like adding them at 2 inches and add 5 or more at once at night with all tank lights out for a couple of hours first.

If you want to add just females you could also wait until you can sex them.
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