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Hello everyone :)

Thank you so much for all of your help so far with my 75 gallon all male peacock and hap tank. I've gotten some stock in, and am just wanting to clarify when I should intervene in aggressive behavior. At the beginning of my stocking, I believe that I did not intervene quickly enough with one fish (a red top lwanda) that died from what I believe is stress from being ostracized. He was not targeted consistently by any particular fish, but nobody seemed to like him, and he died within 1.5 days. Because I wasn't seeing outright aggression, I didn't intervene, but I think the conditions were too stressful for him anyway. He was clearly the bottom of the hierarchy and spent a lot of time hovering outside of the group near the sponge filter. In hindsight I should have switched him out, but hopefully I'm living and learning.

So that brings me to my specific question - different situation. My blue neon male is currently the bottom of the hierarchy. Similarly, he's not being picked on by any particular tankmate, but he does have some tail fin damage from being chased out of the bottom corners of the tank. When he's chased it doesn't look like NASCAR or anything, and the chaser relents pretty quickly, but he is being chased off by 2-3 others. He isn't spending all of his time outside of the group like the lwanda was (I'm watching for that and would remove him right away if that's the case), but I guess I'm not sure of the line between "normal" behavior for the bottom male and when he's being too ostracized. He was added with 5 others on Sunday (so approx 3 days ago).

Stock list is one of each (all around 2-4", the blue neon is one of the largest):

-German red (tank alpha - chases anyone but relents quickly - never more than 1 length of the tank)
-Super red empress
-Red top lwanda
-A. Maylandi (sulphurhead)
-Mloto Ivory Top
-A. Baenschi
-Red Shoulder
-Blue Neon
-OB Peacock
-Taiwan Reef
-Longfin BN Pleco

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Thanks for the reply!

I am also surprised about the German Red, and was shocked that the larger lwanda was so timid. It's possible he is a hybrid though he wasn't advertised as such.

The Blue Neon is spending over 85% of his time in the centre of the tank near the front glass, much more so today than yesterday (whereas the lwanda spent almost 100% of the time under the sponge filter before dying).

I plan to add more fish in the next few weeks, likely finishing it off with a group of yellow labs. I just haven't gotten to a lfs with them in stock yet. There's also a plan to upgrade this to a 125g in the summer, so I'm less concerned about the two larger fish right now as they're all juveniles.
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