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What's up with the posting of new topics tonight....

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Has anyone else experienced really long periods (15 minutes or more) waiting for a topic to post, then it timing out. Only to finally get it to post afte a few tries (and checking to make sure it didn't actually post) and then finding that it has posted several different times. The site doesn't seem to be loading any differently, so it seems an issue with the forum.

Its kind of annoying since several topics have been posted more than once, and then people don't respond all in the same topic. Just wondering if everyone was having this problem or just a few of us.
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It happens every so often. Today for me it was really bad. While the site loaded fine the forum would not load at all and I couldn't access the forum for a couple hours today...

It's either just server problems or the network was just too busy (overloading).

It's been discussed in the mods arena, the admins and such are looking into it... :)
Meanwhile, try hitting refresh after hitting submit the first time and see if this works. Just don't hit submit repeatedly in an effort to make it "go".

It's worked for me everytime!
As mentioned, please hit refresh or open another tab/browser to determine if your reply posted in the event of a delay.

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