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Whats best to cure injured fins/scales?

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I've heard of several products that help heal damaged fish due to aggression. I was wondering what everyone uses. Is there something that I could treat my whole tank with to keep my fish healthy. Its a 75G. Or do I just need to catch the injured fish and treat in a hospital tank. None of my fish are seriously hurt just some of them have a few nips here and there out of their fins from just being Cichlid's. They seem to be getting better on their own... I guess I'm just looking for something to help them along. Does such a thing exist?
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Besides the usual don't overstock and use compatible fish :D
Stresscoat maybe? It helps the slime coat I think and lets them heal faster. Melafix added on occasion doesn't seem to hurt, speeds healing of wounds and fights infection also. I'd also like to hear an answer for this.
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