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what wrong with my jag?!

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*** never had trouble with my tank so im not sure what it is. i recently bought a plant for my 135gal and it seems to have brought a disease into my tank bot of my 9in jags are laying on top of plants and not swimming around really their fins are all tucked in and their eyes are tunring a dull white color and seem to have sand looking stuff all over them what do i do!
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Remove the plant and do a 50% wc add salt 1rounded tablespoon per 5gallons introduce it over a couple of hours and slowly raise the temp to about 84 f. Make sure you have an airstone or good surface agitation. The sand stuff sounds like ick. Can you post a pic?
yea its deffinatly ich it looks like sand all over my fish and from what research i just did on ick it deffinatly is iv raises the temp a bit and bought some water conditioner so what im going to do is a good water change and then the salt
Make sure you dissolve the salt first in a cup like a Chinese food container (quart) and add slowly over 4-6 hours.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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