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I used to keep 3 peacocks with my old Fossorochromis rostratus group. Species were yellow, jacobfreibergi, and red OB. Yellow was a wimp, but jacob was active.......Very active.... :)

At first, I thought they were all males. But, I was surprised when the female was holding! I stripped her of her 14 eggs a few days before selling her, so she could recover. 7 of the eggs were eaten by my brevis male when he jumped into the breeder net one day :x

I raised them; they are same in size as normal peacocks, but are showing aggresion from quie an early age! 1cm!

Right now they are 2cm, and are showing different colors. Two(Biggest and average) are showing their father's jacob coloration, but they have a few dots along their bodies. The other 5 show the same coloration of their mother, red with black blotches, some with colored spangles.

Some interesting things I noted were:
When they were born, they all resembled their father
As they grew up, some changed color resembling their mother
They showed aggresion againsed each other at a very young age, which even the mbuna I kept didn't show

So I guess, it all adds up to this: WHat do you think the fry will look like when they grow up? Would the colors be reversed? Males following mother's color? And would the 2 jacob-likes turn into OB jacobs, maybe?

(ps: Don't worry, I'm going to never let them out of my hands, so no contaminating the general sperm pool. And although some may think this is violating some sort of ethics, they jsut bred, I didn't intend them to, and I'm just keeping them, truely as just "pets" :) )

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