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hello again from greece

i am a cichlid lover africa

thats my story for the moment .I wait any question advice .
in a few days i will have a video and pictures to upload.Could anyone give a adreess or a link ,i heard about cichlid forum tv but i can not find it .

its now the third day in the tank of 20 gallons . breeding, The babys yelow lab is ok.I feed them
2- 3 times day .i had the female aulonacara nyasse with eggs full her mouth.Yesterday i move the female lab in her natural tank and i made 2 territories with corals and rock one for the babys and one for the female. So what do you thng about that?

i wait reply from you and everyone

let me introduce my tanks

1) tank 385 lt
natural plants, live rock dead, caves

neolamrologus pulcher 3 adult 2 young ( born in the tank) 2 babys
4 altolamrologus comressiceps
2 caulvus
3 aulonocara nyasse
4 baenshi red , ruby red
1 jacbfreibergi
2 frontosa male female
4 copadichromis borley 2 female 2 male
3 pleco
4 clown

2) tank 60 lt

15 yelow lab babys

1 aylonocara nyasse female with eggs.

thank to all for your time


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Cichlid TV is here.

Lot's of good stuff in the "Library" take a browse through it.

Once the female has spit the babies, it is good to return her back to the main tank.

I doubt you actually have Aulonocara nyassae. A. nyassae is a very uncommon fish, with very little colour. Back twenty years ago, most peacocks were called A. nyassae, but have since been given new Scientific names. If you post a picture of your Aulonocara, we can help you properly identify what it is you have.
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