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Filtration for Frontosa
by Eric Glab

What type of filtration should I use?

Filters come in a dizzying array of choices. I strongly believe there is no "right" filter. However, if you are trying to breed frontosa it is probably best to keep away from undergravel filters. Since the gravel of the spawning site is removed from the male, his milt can be easily sucked away by the undergravel filter.

When choosing a filter pick one in your budget, is adequate for your bioload, and one that you will maintain. One key to keeping your tank clean is by cleaning the dirtiest part of the aquarium, the filter.

Should I use carbon?

The debate over carbon has been around for years but there has been no proof that I have seen, that it is detrimental to fish health. Usually the only argument is that it robs the water of electrolytes. However fish receive electrolytes from their food, just as we do.

Carbon removes very small particulates and organics from the water. It also reduces any smells that may emanate from the aquarium. Carbon must be replaced on a regular basis. There are different types of carbon but the best one for aquariums are made from bitmous coal not coconut shell or other materials. Also, steer away from medical grade carbon. It cannot trap larger particulates like bitmous coal carbon for aquariums.
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