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What to put in my tank?

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I have a 65 gallon tank, and looking to up the stock once my water pans out. (my nitrite is outta control =/)

After doing some reading it appears my lfs guy doesnt know as much as i thought he should (me being a beginner) I currently have
1 M. Johannii (or maybe a M to tell the diff i dunno, he was sold to me as a M. Johannii)
1 5 spot jewel
1 elect yellow lab
1 convict
2 Kenyi
1 cobalt blue? i basically picked out fish that he told me that could go together, that i thought looked nice.

What id like is a nice mix of fish, colorful, and im not so concerned about breeding.

I was thinking of adding
Red Zebra
more elec yellows, and prob more M. johannii

would this be an ok mix? and if so how many of ea should i keep?

if not what would be your input on what to keep and how many, for a nice colorful tank. thanks
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That's a lot of species in a 65g tank and the convict is pretty nasty..

Species you can mix from your list that would be fine together are


I would put only 3 species in the 65g tank

So based on colors you can do Red Zebras,Yellow Labs and Johannis

Try to get 1m 4f
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ok thanks for the input

yeah i just got a couple of fish to start my cycle in a new tank, and the guy at the lfs told me all them can go together, so far so good, but it appears i could be in for some troubles.

i appreciate it though thanks again.

also your recommending approx. 15 fish for my 65 gal tank?

also as im not really interested in breeding, how difficult is it to keep all males?
Most fish become more aggressive when breeding and trying to establish sites. With no females in the tanks they are far less prone to do this, making it easier normally. There is always the odd one who is trouble anyway but in general all males tanks are easier. For one there is no question of needing to tear down the tank to catch a holding female! Often all male tanks are also set up due to the colors being brighter in the males.
Consider returning the fish and doing a fishless cycle with ammonia. No need to subject fish to toxins. Also, your tank will likely cycle faster.
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