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Haven't been able to decide on this, so I figured I'd pitch it out and see what others think.

I have standard sized 55 and 75 gallon tanks. The 75 has young fish (all 1.5-3in): red zebras (2M/7F), cyno haras (10 not sexed yet), and l. fuelleborni (2M/6F). The 55 current has yellow labs, planning to add demasoni, and currently contains my favorite fish, a male C. Borleyi.

At about 5-6in, the borleyi is the dominant fish in the 55. I came by him in an LFS and hadn't researched the fish (I know, bad), but luckily he's never been cowed by the mbuna. I would hate to part with him, but I am worried in the long run how he'll fit in.

So, my questions:

Size wise ultimately he'd be happier in the 75, but right now his fellow blue fish the cynos are little (1.5-2in) and while I don't think he'd kill them, will he mess with their ability to get a hierarchy going amongst themselves since he's likely to remain dominant? I'm going to need them to sort themselves out so I can gender balance the cluster. Does it make sense to wait to move him to the 75?

If in the meantime I got the demasoni for the 55, could the borleyi live with them for a while? The demasoni are likely to come as juvies so I don't think they're going to bother the 6in fish for awhile even though he's also blue.

I figure 75 is about the minimum size for male borleyi, but is it really too small in the long run?

Would he also be happier with a couple of ladies (1M/2F is ok for haps I think, yes)? Would that trio be too large for the 75g tank in addition to the clusters above (once right-sized)?

I am not too concerned that he will ever have conflict problems with the mbuna since he currently dominates and probably basically will always be larger. I figure between their eventual size and temperament the fuelleborni could give him a run for the money someday, but I don't envision them not being able to live together. Am I wrong on that?

Ultimately I'm looking at my favorite fish and trying to decide whether to rehome him (which is fine, if that's best for him), move him to the 75 and see how it goes, leave him in the 55 at least till the cynos get bigger, or double down and have some babies. Certainly I can try any of these and keep watch and course correct if I need to, I just can't decide what to do!

Thank you for any thoughts! :fish:

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Put all the mbuna in the 55G except the labs. Remove fish as they mature to end up with 1m:4f of each, or maybe some extra females for the labeos.

Put the borleyi and the labs in the 75G. Forget the Demasoni. Get the borleyi two females.
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