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What to do with are new tank.

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So today I was driving threw the neighborhood and saw that some one was having a garage sale. Low and behold they had a nice 25G (30") for $40. So we bought. Our first plan was a betta tank but my dad has been DIEING I mean dieing for his own tank. So were going to give him the tank for him to keep.

So all I know is that he loves bright colors (africans fit this bill ;) ) I'm a CA/SA cichlid kind of guy personally but I always find myself poking around researching africans.

So what are some bright colored cichlid that will fit in a 25G tank.
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With a tank that small Multis will work. Get about 5 of them and in time, they will fill his aquarium.
Put in an inch of sand, a couple of rock "boulders" and a dozen shells, of course.
Very active and funny fish.
My Mr loves the buldozing they do with the sand.
Multies don't hide in their shells after they get used to their new home.
They use all portions of the water, high, low and inbetween.
There is always something going on in a multi aquarium setup.
I just gotta say, I think you are one great kid (using the word kid loosely here lol) for giving your dad the tank. One of our daughters gave us our tank. I didn't think I'd really like it at first but now...well can we say obcessed :oops: .

Multis would be a good choice for that tank but I like something not SO small and easier to see. I think a few mainganos would be good and maybe one albino socolofi and one yellow lab. I think that would make a real good looking tank. They should get along ok together and also be ok for the size tank IMO.
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